Mindset 101

Mindset Social Innovation Foundation (Mindset) is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2006 and based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


We are mandated to support the efforts of social innovators: those developing and implementing solutions to create more equitable and just systems. We also conduct research into the observance of human rights, and work to ensure our findings are creatively distributed to the public through a variety of media for maximum impact.

This is eclectic work. It has involved raising awareness of the plight of child soldiers in Uganda, promoting new treatment approaches to combat HIV/AIDS in the developing world, training the next generation of investigative journalists, and tackling the global problem of access to affordable medicine…to name but a few (more highlights here).

Our methods are diverse. We have made feature films, run charity pop concerts and art auctions, organized multi-media campaigns, commissioned educational programs, organized social finance initiatives, and built cross-sector collaborations.