Our Team

Alison Lawton, Mindset’s Founder and CEO, leads all our projects and is actively involved in their management. She is supported by the Mindset Team and a range of experienced consultants – who all understand the Mindset way of working and are chosen specifically to help develop a particular project.



Alison founded Mindset Venture Group in 1997 (formerly known as Winfield Venture Group Ltd.) and has a track record of identifying successful scalable businesses. Alison began her career in private equity sales in the areas of syndicated software, film, television, and real estate. She was one of three founding partners of ideaPARK, a leading technology business incubator that was listed on the TSX in 2000. Alison continues to focus on growing early-stage companies and she has diverse investment portfolio that includes technology, consumer businesses start-ups, and real estate.

As a social venture philanthropist, Alison founded Mindset Social Innovation Foundation in 2006 and has focused her work around global health challenges and scaling social enterprises. She has been involved with a wide range of organizations including Virgin Unite, The Clinton Foundation, Dispensary of Hope, and UNICEF Canada. Alison is the producer of the award-winning documentary Uganda Rising, and co-founded the International Reporting Program at the University of British Columbia, giving journalism graduate students the opportunity to report on under-covered global issues. 

Alison was an early investor in the Acumen Fund, one of the first impact investment funds in the US, and she partnered with Virgin Unite to launch the MaRS Catalyst Fund, managed by the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing (MCII). She is also on the board, as well as an investor, of the Community Hypertension Prevention Initiative, Canada's first health-related Social Impact Bond (SIB) created by Heart & Stroke, in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada and MCII.



Mindset has used some exceptional consultants in the last few years including:

Daniel Papania, Delyse Sylvester, Fiona Rayher, Graham Dover, Katie Jeanes, Lauren Casey, Lawrence Alexander, Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin.