Our Focus

While we are always open to new ideas, we are currently focused on two primary areas - the circular economy: focus on e-waste, and alternative social finance & impact investing.


the Circular Economy: Focus on E-Waste

We are exploring solutions that address the growing problem of e-waste - the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Only 20% of all e-waste is documented as collected and recycled - the remainder causes significant health and environmental harms. We have started conversations with recycling companies, urban-mining enterprises, and social entrepreneurs to understand how this might be tackled. We are particularly interested in impact investment opportunities to help existing enterprises scale and grow. Please contact us to explore opportunities to collaborate.


Alternative Social Finance & Impact investing

We have always been interested in alternative and transformative finance - ways that bring additional financial resources and partners to tackle social issues in systemic ways. In 2016 we partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Public Health Agency of CanadaMaRS, and several other private investors to launch Canada’s first health-related pay-for-success model (social impact bond) to support a new health program aimed at preventing hypertension. We encourage further experimentation with social finance tools to support other important projects.