We have worked on a variety of different projects revolving around access to medicine and information, including the redistribution and affordability of medicine, academic research, neglected issues, independent journalism, child soldiers, and others. Below are some highlights of projects that we are very proud to have been a part of.

ACCESS TO MEDICINE - redistribution

We approached the Dispensary of Hope in 2013 having read about their innovative model to recover and distribute surplus medicine to those in need in the US. Together we worked on a new business plan and financial model to help scale their services and helped them pitch a 5 year plan to investors that would dramatically increase the amount they could collect and distribute and help them become self-sustaining. Four years on and they are still on track to meet and exceed their goals!

Access TO MEDICINE - affordability

The Access Our Medicine Initiative was a global project to raise awareness of the global problem of access to affordable medicine. This work involved commissioning research, developing educational content, connecting different stakeholders, engaging the public, exploring new models, and supporting the work of social innovators in the field.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION - academic research

Launched in partnership with Simon Fraser University in 2016, The Community Scholars Initiative aims to provide online access to academic research currently behind paywalls to community leaders. It started with two publishers offering free access to 25 community leaders. By the end of 2018, there are now 500 community scholars who have access to 11,000 Journal titles with support from librarians in 3 universities in British Columbia.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION - neglected issues

Launched in 2006, the International Reporting Program was created to highlight important neglected issues around the world, training the next generation of enterprising reporters, and establish a Global Reporting Centre. Over 100 journalism students have worked on a diverse range of issues such as e-waste, food safety and security, palliative health care and pharmaceuticals, struggles over land and illegal logging. This work has won multiple international awards (including an Emmy) in partnership with international media organizations such as the BBC, PBS, Al Jazeera, and VICE News, with all content available in a creative commons library.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION - independent journalism

Mary Lynn Young, the co-Founder of The Conversation Canada, approached Mindset in 2017 to ask for some feedback on their plans to launch this service. The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, from the academic and research community, delivered directly to the public for free. We worked together to develop a business plan and financial model that could help The Conversation Canada launch, grow and be sustainable. They are on track! By the end of 2018 they had secured 27 University members and had over 18M page views. They are currently piloting a French version.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION - child soldiers

This was the first Mindset project - the production of a film on the plight of child soldiers in Uganda. Uganda Rising sparked global interest and led to political and grassroots action including the GuluWalk.

access to information - capacity building

Heerad Sabeti is the Founder and CEO of the Fourth Sector Group - a global multi-stakeholder platform to accelerate the growth of the fourth sector worldwide. In 2018, we worked with Heerad to develop a business and financial plan to help the Group launch and become sustainable. We are excited to see the plans “go live” in 2019!