We work with social entrepreneurs and change makers to explore new possibilities to help solve social problems.

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We support individuals and organizations working on complex social problems. We hope that together these can be solved by radical new ways of thinking and organizing.

Our collective impact includes…



Social Finance: supporting the development and investing in impact investments including catalytic funds and Social Impact Bonds to increase resources to support social entrepreneurs and innovations.
Affordable Medicine: a complex issue for which we believe all stakeholders must work together to create transformative ideas and unique models to ensure access to medicine is affordable to all.
Investigative Reporting: training the next generation of investigative reporters to cover under-reported social issues from around the world.
Access to Knowledge: supporting systems to make academic research more accessible and beneficial to community leaders.
Child Soldiers: raising awareness of the plight of Child Soldiers in Uganda.




We look for opportunities where our investment of time, energy, and money could trigger an additional 10x financial value and benefit to social innovators.


We are interested in ownership structures and partnerships that allow for a more equitable and sustainable distribution of benefits.