Our approach is an active and collaborative one. It generally involves the following steps:

  • Initial correspondence and calls to share goals and needs.

  • An in-depth due diligence process that includes a review of background documents on the organization (sharing of history, strategy, business plan, legal structure, financials, and references). This helps us better understand the workings of the organization, the accomplishments to date, how the organization fits into the competitive landscape of opportunities in their field, and what the present challenges may be.

  • We work together with the social innovator and their team to co-create a “growth plan” for their social impact company, campaign, or initiative - underpinned by a clear financial model, strategic business plan, and presentation and pitch documents that can be shared with stakeholders and impact investors.

  • We often commit funds to seed the initiative or to scale social enterprises but we generally never fund without industry or stakeholder investors, or without spending time to help the enterprise develop a more elaborate plan. The funding committed could take a number of forms, e.g. equity, debt, or simply time and energy. We sometimes leverage our network to make introductions to other potential partners.

  • As to our long term role, one of the Mindset team may provide support on Boards or Advisory Boards depending on needs. For more information please contact us.